As parents ourselves, we want a sustainable future for our children and therefore we want to produce sustainable clothing. Our sustainable clothing initiative means we will provide fabrics from recycled sources to help build a brighter future for all of our customers. This innovative fabric is made up of recycled fibres from items that may otherwise have gone to landfill such as plastic bottles, meaning the garments retain the durability and performance of a polyester yarn without the environmental impact.

We are constantly working to develop new sources and increase the product range using the latest materials as we seek to make the most sustainable active wear in the market. Our sustainability drive is an on-going project, with new developments being introduced all the time. For this reason, we will continue to review our targets and challenge ourselves to be as sustainable as possible.

We promise:

  • To reduce our impact on the planet
  • To care for those who manufacture and wear our products.
  • To use recycled materials where possible from packages to fibres.
  • To reduce our waste and impact on the planet.
  • To maintain high ethical standards throughout the business.
  • To regularly review our goals and challenge ourselves to be as sustainable as possible.

We have made changes and commitments across the entire company to move towards achieving these goals.

To reduce the amount of plastics we use and dispose of, Malooka have developed an expanding range of recycled polyester fabrics. We are switching to sustainable alternatives for our packaging where possible. This includes recycled materials such as plastics used for bags and card used for ticketing.

These commitments extend throughout our manufacturing process, from yarn to finished garments. Our factories, mills and dye houses are compliant according to international regulations. These include REACH compliance, and hazardous chemicals protocols to help to prevent water pollution through dyeing and finishing.